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Sylvie Kettle is an artist from the Northern Rivers, known for merging feminine landscapes with bold mark-making and a dreamlike use of colour.

Kettle's archetypal beings become an avenue to a vast garden of meaning, where we find a touching resonance with our most intimate selves. Her paintings form living invitations to a new way of seeing where memories are interwoven with a sense of collective thought.

Traversing the line between spontaneity and considered markmaking compels Sylvie forward in her practice. This internal dialogue of polarities forges a deeply personal exploration of spirit, subconscious spaces & light play. Kettle's work lands somewhere between a sensorial depiction of daily pleasantries and transcendent landscapes. The human psyche is painted across scenes of gentle interconnection, with notions of abundant harvest, gatherings and an omnipresent light source.

243 X 200 CM


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