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Pearls collection 5

Pearls collection 5

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Archie Geotina (b.1987) also known as Chichimonsta is an artist who exhibits freely indoors , outdoors, in the streets, with communities and in public spaces. His work catches the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Action; it tackles themes such as empowerment, freedom, community and identity.

He is known for blown-up photographs he takes or collaborates on and collages to make renaissance era-like artworks. his outdoor installations – fly post artworks which he installs on buildings walls, wood panels, or any surface he can apply it to.

In June 12 2020 , He launched the wildly popular and viral PEARLS. A powerful photo series that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the strength and beauty and fierceness of Filipino Women. This series of photographs has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar in the US among other publications and is still circulating around the globe.


230CM (W) x 85CM (H)


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